For Paintball Fields and Dealers

Expose your field to whole new audience of players

Simply put, Paintball Laser Tag offers the most cost-effective way to increase sales and expose new players to the sport. It’s a great way to open the “paintball” category to over 19 million kids ages 5-9 (10 million of which are male) who are currently not allowed on organized paintball fields. For most dealers, the Eagle Eye System that uses a real paintball marker gives kids an indoor or outdoor experience not available at existing laser tag facilities! In addition to kids' parties, the Paintball Laser Tag System can also be used for corporate outings, team practice or even as a rental system or mobile unit to run backyard games.

Laser Tag for Paintball Fields and Dealers

Eagle Eye System Features & Benefits

  • Uses an actual 98 Custom Markers for a real paintball feel*
  • CO2 tank (not included) provides real feel and sound of a blowback marker
  • Infrared (IR) Laser Barrel easily attaches to any 98 Custom Marker
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Receiver attaches to ball feed elbow of any 98 Marker
  • Laser is activated by the sound of marker when trigger is pulled
  • Receiver being hit by laser barrel relays back to other receiver who was shot
  • Receiver shows # of shots, # of hits and # of players eliminated
  • Lights and sounds advise player when a hit is made and who has been hit or eliminated
  • Field Operator can control time, # of shots and lives for each system and game
  • CCM (Command Center Module) makes set up and tracking of game easy to do
  • Players at end of game can see statistics and be able to go online to track results as well

 *  Marker not included in purchase price of system. Can also be customized to fit A-5 or X7 Markers.