Competition Comparison

• NO OTHER SYSTEM can provide the real feel of paintball
• NO OTHER SYSTEM is as portable for both indoor and outdoor play
• NO OTHER SYSTEM can bring this much fun and excitement with such a quick return of investment!

Increase Business with Paintball Laser Tag

See payback in less than four weeks

Simply put, Paintball Laser Tag offers the most cost-effective way to increase sales and expose new players to the sport. Depending on your location or number of parties, you could see payback in as little as 4 weeks.

The Eagle Eye System looks, feels and sounds like real paintball at a fraction of the cost of similar systems. For much less, you can adapt your entire field with the Eagle Eye System.

The Barracuda System is a lightweight, compact system suitable for even the youngest of players. This new system removes the need for C02 while still using a real paintball marker just like the big guys.

Whichever system is right for you, be sure to ask about our special offer that includes a FREE Command Center Module (CCM) unit.

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