The low-cost solution to increase sales and players

Combat a tough economy or declining sales with increased players and profits through Paintball Laser Tag. Designed by paintball players for paintball players, the Eagle Eye and Barracuda Laser Tag Systems offer a cost-effective solution for Tippmann dealers, paintball fields and fun centers/rental centers.

For paintball dealers and fields

Paintball Laser Tag brings new players to the game by providing a viable entertainment path to the sport of paintball. It’s a great way to open the “paintball” category to over 19 million kids ages 5-9 (10 million of which are male) who are currently not allowed on organized paintball fields. It’s fun to play! It provides the same role-playing and adrenaline rush that kids are currently experiencing through other mediums (such as video games). With Paintball Laser Tag, players instantly know who they hit...and who hits them!

The use of real paintball markers gives kids an indoor or outdoor experience not available at existing laser tag facilities. Paintball Laser Tag provides an alternative revenue stream for existing paintball fields while building a future customer base for traditional paintball. In addition to kids' parties, the Paintball Laser Tag System can also be used for corporate outings, team practice or even as a rental system or mobile unit to run backyard games.

Laser Tag for Paintball Fields and Fun Centers

For fun centers/rental centers

The sport of paintball is one of the world’s most exciting “extreme” participation activities. Paintball is played by over 5 million teens and adults in the U.S. alone and in 100+ countries worldwide, all drawn to it by the adrenaline-pumping action and thrill of team-on-team competition.

Paintball Laser Tag is the new realistic and painless way to play paintball without the mess! Unlike traditional paintball and other laser tag systems, Paintball Laser Tag can be enjoyed indoor and outdoors. For most fun centers, the stand-alone Barracuda™ System will offer the most cost-effective and quickest return on investment in the industry.

With the Barracuda System all you need to get started are the laser tag systems and a fun place for your customers to play. It is portable, can be played indoors or outdoors, and offers a great return on your investment. If you have paintball now or want a more realistic paintball feel, the Eagle Eye System uses Tippmann paintball markers, CO2/Compressed air tanks, and the innovative Eagle Eye Laser System that attaches to each marker. Either way, each Laser System includes a radio frequency (RF) receiver and an infrared (IR) barrel.

Paintball Laser Tag is for everyone! It’s the perfect game for groups or individuals concerned about the perceived mess or pain of traditional paintball. It is targeted to young players, parties, teams, corporate outings and rentals.